Saturday, August 13, 2016

My Fur Babies

Let me tell you little bit about my fur babies. Yes, instead of kids at age 25 before I am ready, I got fur babies. My husband and I have three cats, fish and ghost shrimp, dog, and bunny. They all play with each other in some way. Either the cats looking at the fish tank or running around with the bunny. The dog even loves to play with the bunny.

My oldest fur babies is my Alaskan Malamute, Tiffany, she is 8 years old and wonderful. Always loyal and loving since she was taken care of and trained well. I had Tiffany before I met my husband but then when I met him we thought to get a Korat named Leona. Of course the following year Luna got a sister, Burmilla named Starla. Tiffany is very jelly dog sadly once we got the second cat. Then over the years we have two hamster grow to old age. How much I love them.

This year we added two new fur babies to our group. Tiffany of course is wondering why I have so many new babies when she wants to be the only one. We added British Short-hair named Grey and a Mini Loop Bunny named Emily aka BunBunz. All the cats play with the bunny and Tiffany doesn't mind them at all. All are girls but Grey of course and well who knows with the fish and shrimp.

Having them all makes it harder to move into places. Like my husband made Leona his service animal and of course Tiffany is my service dog. Having all these pets, make it hard to rent a home until we come up with the money to buy our own place. As much as I take care of them not all land lords are happy with a lot of pets at all.

I know that isn't fair but I know it is because hording isn't something any landlord wants to deal with. I do feel I am hording some pets. If I get anymore someone needs to call the animal control to have me reviewed. During this review, you cats must have all their shots, clean cat boxes, your house cannot smell of piss and shit, the air must not have a high level of sickness, all pets should be cares for and loved plus trained of course. Even the fish tank has to stay clean or it smells like someone just took a shit and never flushed in five days but kept shitting in it.

All these small things matter, from there teeth to their nails. Having animals is taking care of a life forms. These animals are not for us to have but to care for from the good bible says this in my 1966 Jerusalem Bible. Yes I always say what bible I am currently reading because this way I can be quoted stuff to correct me or for others to look it up.

I love my fur babies enough to even read to them at night once my husband is sleeping. I open my bible and read out loud to them. It is a good habit to get use to doing since one day my husband and I will adopt or be blessed by a child given to us by God. I still feel I will never be able to have kids physically. I love all children, I want to mother them all and love them all. It is not my place to do so yet. So for now, my fur babies are what I Need in my life.

I know never get big dog again. Once Tiffany passes on, maybe I will get a small dog instead of a big dog. I rather do 5 lbs than 100 lbs. Too hard for my physically to take on big dog again. Maybe if it was super trained before I got it but I rather do a little dog next. It is good to know your limit to pets because of course I am maxed out and it is hard. Thousand bucks min each year on yearly shots, plus 200 bucks in food and prehealth care stuff per month. It is a lot for one family to take on. Shows one day we may be ready for a kid or not. I should of gotten a small dog but god gives us what we need at the time given. I kept her all 5 out of 8 years I known her.

Best to always keep the pets and keep everything the same. If you can't do that and can't afford it. DONT GET PETS OR KIDS. not far to them to not have their needs met.

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