Saturday, August 13, 2016

My Love for the Lord of Lords

In this life God is known by many names. Just like the devil for which God made. I love everything the Lord has made, even the devil. How can I be happy that the devil was made? The devil helps us become pure by not listening to his evil deeds. Though we don't hear God, we always have evil things pop in our path. So it is respectful for me to say, the devil has made me closer to God, The Lord of Lords.

I never liked the evil deeds given to me. Some I took, some I ran from, but all in all I learned from them. I found myself running to the Lord begging for away to help myself stop the thoughts, all the evil thoughts. Even depression, and bad memories the lord help me through. I still live with these thoughts but I am able to control them. Like mages in a video game can control their powers, I can control my emotions, but it takes years of work.

Is it weird that someone can turn to God? Weird that they made large changes in their life to the point where no one can believe it? This does happen, to only make you fall back into the old path for which you RAN FROM. Remember it was a personal choice to run and seek God. Personal choice we all make at one point or another. God even says HE IS THE LORD OF LORDS. Meaning maybe there are other Godlike things out there, but God is above them all no matter what.

In our history of different belief, there has always been the top rules of the Gods or Goddess. Weird that most stories are the same but different. Why can't it be the Holy Father and Holy Mother with a bunch of friends? Don't the Angels have the powers of heaven and call God when they need Godlike power? Maybe the stories told to me were wrong or maybe it is written on my heart correctly or missed place?

Every book says Lord of Lords in some form. All of them state the all mighty one is the one and only. So could it be the same God? Same Lord of Lords? Since he is known by many names, which he states within the bible himself in all the bibles. Could he be Odin from the vikings show? Could he be the holy Father and holy ghost? Could he Zeus God of all Gods? Seems weird that they could be all connected. Maybe I am crazy...right?

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