Saturday, August 13, 2016

Road Trip to Oregon

Since we will be moving soon, we decided to drive to Oregon and let me see the place. My husband has been there many times but for me I have never been. I feel a strong connect to Oregon and feel it is the only place I can myself and not feel judged. I feel it is the only place I can do my homestead and raise a family one day.

We decided that we are going to rent a SUV to drive there so we can sleep in the car with our lovely dog, Tiffany. It will be a practice run as well to make sure we can drive it or to see how long I can drive it before I am too tired. Also we must map out stops along the way about every 4 hours to let the humans and animals move around.

Planning a long distance move is hard. Thankfully we can do this practice run. This run will help us mark clean bathrooms, clean rest stops, places to eat, and places we can sleep at with the car with no problems. We also have to consider the time we have to leave. The best time to leave would be at Midnight. Most of the traffic doesn't happen but still dangerous with drunk drivers. I pray nothing happens.

We will have to sleep during the day of course to make this practice run work and when we do the real move. Thank you for who ever made the company because they make it simple to move. I already packed most if not all our things. Next is quote of how much it will be to get the cubes.

This trip back to Oregon makes me so happy. Last time I was in Oregon, I got into the cold ocean in the middle of winter at 12 years old and gave myself to the lord. I plan to do the same thing this year once we move. I will return to the coast and give myself to my husband and the lord again. This may be weird to some people but to me this is the path for me.

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