Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Start of the Beginning

There are always steps to a new life. Even before you were first born, there was steps that it took to make you inside your mother's belly. Steps I am taking now are to make sure moving to our new home is simple and easy. I wish all things were simple like my mother understanding the computer but it isn't sadly. I never feel alone now in my new start to a new life. Sometimes I do but that is apart of growing up.

Removing stuff that takes up too much of your time that damages you instead of helping you. I walked away from social sites from chatroom like tinychat to profile social sites like facebook. I quit them all because nothing was private no more. I couldn't control who knew me or not. It seem like everyone was a friend or trying to add me as a friend to get to another friend. None of it was really friendship. Plus who on God's green earth really has 300 plus friends? Please, are they really your friend?

I ask God this, he gave me voice to understand what is a friend and what isn't a friend. I felt like my answers were clear after reading...Ecclesiasticus, I was reading chapters 1 through 21 in my Jerusalem Bible 1966 copyright. Reason why I said which one I have is because I like this bible, I understand it. The worst thing is to not understand what you are reading. This I understand and love to read out loud.

Friends I had for many years I learn were never there when I needed them the most. When I was about to give up my life and just quit at trying to do my best. My two best friends made my boyfriend at the time spin his money on them and forget about me. Depressed wishing to see my pets that he had at his house. My kitties whom I love so much. My friends used my boyfriend at the time so boyfriend finally understood what was happening, he was being to nice and too friendly to them.

Now that boyfriend whom is my husband knows better than not to listen to me when I cry out with warning. He knows to take care of me and make me happy before anyone else. He as also made a lot of joy with my new friend I care about. Sadly, even with these new friends you will always find some who envy you at every turn. I keep asking God why my brothers and some of my friends envy me. Though they hurt me I still care about them enough to still pray for them.

Sitting here I never know what or why I am talking to this computer. This blogger where people can read. I do not think anyone would get much out of what I say. Maybe someone will but everyone says that who blogs. My world is starting to turn upside down with my new life around the corner. From a new first husband, two new fur babies in the family, new job, and new location to live is so much at once. But still such a blessing from the Lord of lords.

God has blessed me with a wonderful life. That has made me stronger in many ways. Even when it comes to dealing with such personal needs. God has given me everything I wanted even though I have messed up because I still believed. I still turned back to him and said like he was my own flesh father "You know Father you are right". God has always been right. Though I do not know my own father, I do know God. I know he loves me and watches over me with his angels.

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